When we look at the current smartphone market, it is notable that Android and IOS not only dominate, but are the only systems avaiable (99% of the market). However, a few years ago we had a third name that tried to get on the list, the Windows Phone. At a time when the world of smartphones was still building its bases, Microsoft had already an enormous power in the PC’s world to start, which seemed te be an advantage over Google and Apple for many people. The system had everything to succeed, but in 2017 it was announced by Microsoft…

starry forest sky image [img: <a href=’https://br.freepik.com/photos/madeira'>Madeira foto criado por wirestock — br.freepik.com</a>]

It’s been some time since we started spending time thinking about life outside the Earth, always with many questions. On one hand the chances of the existence of life outside the Earth are very high, but in another hand, this is often confronted with the fact that we never had contact with those lives. This contradiction between the high probabilities of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and the lack of evidence for them is what characterizes the phenomenon called “ The Fermi paradox.” …

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